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In today’s world, good web design isn’t just about visual appeal.

Websites today have to present the best user experience. They also have to consider search engine optimization and new technology.

BLUE CREEK VALLEY offers web development services to help businesses keep up with the times.

We can help start and grow your business. We facilitate everything needed. From web development introduction to social media and marketing, we have a team of experts ready to help your business grow.

The BCV Edge

BLUE CREEK VALLEY is your one-stop digital marketing company specializing in SEO and web design services.

Since 2004, we have helped businesses of varying sizes and industries from all over the country achieve their digital marketing goals.

Getting Started

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    We work with clients all over the country, so we have a very streamlined process that makes it easy regardless of your location.

    When you are ready to begin your website, one of our team members will speak with you to learn more about your business, your goals for your website, and outline the best page structure to meet those goals. We do require a 50% design deposit to begin work. The balance is due once the site is complete and launched.

    As we begin work, we will send a list of materials that we’ll need to pull the design together. This typically includes an electronic version of your logo, photos you’d like to use on the site, plus text/copy for the various pages. Don’t worry if you don’t have great quality photos. If needed, we can use professional royalty-free images (no extra charge). We can also assist you with formulating the text for the website if you can simply provide detailed bullet points that outline your message and services.

    We start with the home page design to establish the overall look and feel of your website. Once that’s ready, we send you a preview link so you can provide feedback. We will implement your feedback and have you review again. Once approved, we complete the secondary pages with that overall look and feel. You then review again. Once approved, we launch!


    Our clients are the ones developers dream about. We’ve worked with some of the biggest (and smallest) brands across the country.

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