Social media can be a godsend for small businesses that know how to use it. If you’re unsure of your social standing, our social media team are ready to dive in and help. We can leverage the latest trends and data to create a cost-effective, customized strategy to get your businesses noticed on social media. There’s no long term contract here. Our plans are month to month. Ready to give it a try?

Why your business needs this

  • Protect yourself from copyright infringements.
    If we aren’t using photos that you (or we) have personally taken, we purchase and use royalty-free images for your social media posts. This protects you from possible copyright infringement. You should never just use an image you found on Google. Too many businesses do this, at their own peril. It’s important that you own the rights to use the images you are posting. Agencies like ours pay a lot of money for subscriptions to royalty-free image libraries for use on social media posts. This is for your protection and it’s worth its weight in gold.
  • Your business will look polished and professional.
    We professionally optimize and brand all images used in your social media campaign, giving your business a much more polished and professional look over your competitors.
  • We use SEO-friendly techniques.
    We execute social strategies with search engine optimization in mind. There are specific strategies and techniques that can make a significant difference on how your site ranks and what kind of site traffic you are receiving from your social efforts. Bold calls to action drive traffic to your website and blog posts, and great content drives interaction.
  • You’ll have original, quality content that your clients want to see.
    All content is original. You can trust that it wasn’t copied and pasted from another source … again, protecting your business from possible copyright infringements.
  • We proactively work to grow your reach.
    We execute page promotions and boosted posts on a consistent basis so your presence and social reach continues to grow throughout the life of the campaign.
  • It’s cheaper than hiring an employee do it.  
    For an average of just $100 per week, you couldn’t hire someone to develop, write, and execute the level of social media content and social media engagement that we provide.
  • Consistency and quality are key.
    Your presence and engagement is consistent and professional. It’s not 5 posts one day with a six week gap before the next. Top of mind means consistency and quality – that’s what we do.

Once you’ve captured attention through social media, it’s time to develop that relationship even further through email marketing. Emails still get tremendous results and persons opt-in because they have interest in what you offer, and you get to connect with them on a one-to-one level in their inbox. There’s nothing like the right offer, from a business I like, to trigger a ‘take all my money’ response.

Why your business needs this

  • Build Strong Customer Relationships.
    In this day and age, building strong relationships with your customers is crucial. Competition is increasing and companies that embrace relationship building are far more likely to generate customer loyalty and gain repeat business. According to, 70% of people say they always open emails from their favorite companies. Keep in mind that it is far cheaper to target your existing customers than it is to generate new leads.
  • Keep Your Brand Top of Mind.
    Interesting, insightful content reflects positively on your brand. Having an e-newsletter is a great way to get an edge up on your competitors. With a new, branded email sitting in your customers’ inboxes each week, you can ensure that people don’t forget about you. When the time comes that the customer is ready to buy, who are they going to turn to? You of course!
  • Present Yourself as an Expert in Your Field.
    A quality e-newsletter consists of information your customers see as valuable. Case studies or “how to” information goes great with an email marketing campaign. By providing useful information to your customers, they view you as knowledgeable and turn to you for advice. Again, when it comes time to buy, they are going to choose a company that they can trust and depend on, one that has shown them they know what they are doing.
  • Increase Traffic to Your Website.
    While driving people to your website organically is great, if you really want to see results you’re going to have to work at it. Your email newsletter can play an important role in driving traffic to your website. According to Salesforce, 82% of consumers open emails from companies. If you want those customers to visit your website, you need to invite, encourage them to do so.
  • Boost Your Social Media Efforts.
    According to Salesforce, emails that include social sharing buttons have a 158% higher click-through rate. You can start a conversation with the customer right there in their inbox, where engagement is more focused. Then it can expand to social media, where you can get more reach and generate more interaction. With the increase in the use of social media for businesses, integrating social channels into all other aspects of your marketing is crucial.
  • Drive Sales.
    An e-newsletter is a great way to make frequent, low-pressure contact with prospective customers. Hubspot research shows, companies using email to nurture leads generate 50% more sales-ready leads. Nurtured leads, on average, produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities compared to non-nurtured leads. According to, 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.
  • More Cost Effective Than Print.
    E-newsletters are one of the highest leverage and lowest cost methods of staying in front of your customers on a regular basis. It provides a direct line of communication for conversion to sales. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing yields an average of 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the United States.


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